Tuesday, February 2, 2016

‘Love Notes’ contest on #RomedyNOW in #Valentine Feb. month

The channel has launched a contest called ‘Love Notes’ from Monday, 1 February.An audio/visual clip will be aired any time during the 9 pm movie every Monday to Friday, from 1st to 29th of February, and a question pertaining to the clip will be asked. All that a participant has to do is pick the correct answer from three options given, and send their response by sending an SMS, typing LOVE A/B/C to 56161.

Some of the films scheduled in the month of love include Hitch, which features Will Smith as a professional date doctor along with Eva Mendes, Kevin James and Amber Valletta; Fool’s Gold, in which a married couple, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson – rediscover their passion and love for each other; 50 First dates, romantic comedy film where Adam Sandler finds himself having to win over the heart of her lady love every new day ; My Best Friend's Wedding – in which a scheming ex-girlfriend attends a majestic wedding determined to prevent it from taking place and win back the groom. Along with other romantic and evergreen Hollywood movies like Addicted to Love, Jerry Maguire and Before Sunrise will be shown throughout February, the Valentine Month.