Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lovers tend to outspend each other on #Valentine’s Day : A survey by http://Jeevansathi.com

Responses from more than 1800 people across India, revealed startling facts on how people plan to celebrate the “Day of Love”. 40% respondents answered that spending is a competition with their partner with men constituting 43% and women 28%. This percentage rose up to 45% in non-metros as compared to 30% in metro cities.

On being asked what men and women both expected as a valentines day’s gift from each other, men had a clear idea about the gifts. Flowers, jewellery, clothing & accessories and weekend trips are some of the gifts women feel they should get and men answered these questions correctly in the survey.
On the other hand, women respondents answered that men would also like customized gifts and fragrances on the day while most of the men responded that they would like to receive electronics/gadgets and jewellery apart from flowers, clothing and weekend trips.

Other Highlights of the survey:

·         43% men feel they would want to spend more as compared to their valentine on the day for love, only 28% women feel the same.

·         According to the survey, men clearly understand what women want, and are planning to gift what women desire

·         62% of the respondents would like to have 14th Feb as their wedding/engagement day

·         33% respondents want to relax at home for this Valentine’s Day