Saturday, February 6, 2016

South United Football Club and Hotfut to set up artificial turfs in #Bengaluru

South United a professional Bangalore based football club has announced a new tie-up with Hotfut, a sports development company, to install artificial futsal turfs across different locations in the city.

Sharan Parikh, Owner & Director of South United Football Club, said “South United Football Club’s sole focus is to ensure Indian footballing talent have an avenue to develop themselves. While our club and soccer schools remain a vehicle to showcase talent, our unique partnership with the pioneers of football arenas, HotFut, will allow our youngest talent and stars to play, train, and develop in a secured and high quality environment. Furthermore, our partnership with HotFut will ensure setting up of sports arenas that not only provide a great place to play but also help in building a sustainable culture within the club.”
The first artificial futsal turfs is coming on Sarjapur Road next month.
Pavit Singh, Co-founder & Director of HotFut said, “The fundamental idea behind HotFut was to create better human beings through sport. Our initial focus was to mitigate the disparity in participation via infrastructural solutions. This partnership (SUFC) is a natural extension that renews our commitment to development through sports. Our business model, infrastructural expertise and penetration, combined with SUFC and its education and social platforms make for, a formidable force in the advancement of sport in India.”