Friday, February 12, 2016

#USA arming #Pakistan with nuclear-capable F-16 fighter jets against #India

U.S. government  has approved the sale eight F-16 fighter jets, radar and other equipment to Pakistan in a deal valued at $699 million.Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker notified the Obama administration that he would not approve using U.S. funds to pay for the planes through the foreign military financing (FMF) program. That means Pakistan must fund the purchase itself, instead of relying on U.S. funds to cover about 46 percent of the cost.

F-16 aircraft would allow Pakistan’s Air Force to operate in all kinds of weather, at night.Between 2002 and 2014, the United States has sold around $5.4 billion worth of military equipment to Pakistan.
Given the mounting evidence of Pakistan’s agencies continuing to support anti-India terror groups like the LeT, the U.S. would rethink its defence sales to the country. The deposition in a Mumbai court from 26/11 planner and terrorist David Headley would further remind the U.S. of the ISI’s links with these groups.