Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vijaya Bank opens new regional office in Mandya dist.of #karnataka to service farmers

Kishore Sansi, MD & CEO of Vijaya Bank talked  about various farmer friendly schemes of the bank which are available to the farmers in distress.He said that the new OTS  scheme  will enable the farmers to avail a fresh agriculture loan after settling NPA account wherein complete interest will be waived.  He also emphasized that the Vijaya Bank  has made its  foot print in  Mandya  not to make profit but to become the partners of the farmers and serve the society in large

He also explained the another  attractive scheme of the bank – i.e., debt swapping of farmers’ dues with money  lenders wherein scheme provides relief to farmers indebted to non institutional lenders by extending credit to clear their high cost borrowings with money lenders at a very reasonable rate of interest.

Opening of Mandya Region is mainly aimed at easy monitoring & co-ordination with Dist. Administrators by extending financial benefit to needy & poor people.  Vijaya Bank aims at partnership with farmers with commitment and purpose which was the vision of founding fathers.

He also mentioned that the schemes of the Bank can be fine tuned for the benefit of distressed farmes.