Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sweet water fish 'Amur' developed by #karnataka Veterinary University & Stirling and Wales University #UK

To ensure enough supply of fish and fish products at par with increasing demand,  Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute in Hesaraghatta has developed a new river fish species called Amur. This is the result of extensive research work by Professor Y Basavaraju since last one decade in association with The University of Stirling and Wales, United Kingdom.

Unique features of Amur fish variety: according to the experts and consumers, among the tens of fish species of sweet water (lake and river water), Amur has been considered as the high quality. It is now become important sweet water fish species in line with Katla, Rohu, Migal etc.

According to the extensive research, one of the advantages of the Amur fish species is that it grow fast and becomes  adult very slowly. As a result the fish production will increase by whooping 30% person.  This factor will help those who depend upon the fish farming to improve their livelyhood.