Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MeritTrac launches 'Just in Time Question Paper Management system' to tackle question paper leaks

Testing and Assessment company MeritTrac has launched “Just in Time - Question Papers” (JIT-QP) - a solution that aims to address the vulnerabilities in the traditional model and eliminate question paper leak in high stake examinations by applying innovative technology in the examination process.

JIT-QP is designed to secure examinations from vulnerabilities arising at Question Paper development, printing, logistics and storage before it reaches the test taker. JIT-QP ensures that the final Question Paper is decided randomly from a set of questions based on pre-defined rules or set of Question Papers. The final Question Paper is selected and made available at the exam centre in an encrypted mode just few hours before the exam. The authorized personnel will decrypt the Question Paper and get it securely printed by authorised representatives in a secure zone at the test centre. This ensures that the final question paper is available, even to the authorized personnel, only a few minutes before the examination for distribution to the Invigilators and then to the test takers.

 “The traditional approach to examination and question paper management has multiple vulnerabilities that are typically exploited. Question paper leaks, delays and errors in result processing cause unrest and displeasure among all stake holders in examination. In today’s generation, it is important to leverage technology in the examination process that eliminates possibilities of such fraudulent activities. MeritTrac’s Just in Time Question Paper Management (JIT-QP) and TracMARKS – On-Screen Marking solution addresses this very specific requirement, said Nagendran Sundararajan, Executive Vice President of MeritTrac.