Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rs 117 cr fine imposed by NGT on @mantriblr

Key highlights of the operative part of the judgment:

a)      Buffer zone for construction around lakes increased from 30 meters to 75 meters

b)      Buffer zone around rajakaluves to be measured from the edge of the drain. The revised buffer zone is 50 meters, 35 meters and 25 meters for primary, secondary and tertiary drains respectively.

c)       All existing constructions in the city, which fall within such buffer zones, has been directed to be demolished and no further constructions shall be permitted in the buffer zone.

d)      Mantri has been directed to restore the 3 acre 10 hunts encroached lake bed area immediately to the authorities.

e)      SEIAA (State Environmental Impact assessment Agency) has been directed to amend the environmental clearance of both the project proponents and all further constructions of these two projects shall be conducted under the monitoring of SEIA.

f)       State of Karnataka has been directed to submit a proposal demarcating wetlands within 4 weeks to MoEF whereafter the same shall be notified.

g)      There is a combined direction to remove the muck/debris deposited in the rajakaluve within 4 weeks failing which LDA shall undertake the same and charges shall have to be paid by the two builders.

h)      SEIAA has also been directed to prepare a muck-disposal plan within 3 months.

Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) has welcomed the judgement.