Thursday, June 16, 2016

Silvan Innovation Labs launches new smart-home products, raises Rs 6 cr. fresh equity funding

Bangalore-based home automation and energy management solutions provider Silvan Innovation Labs plans to enter the consumer segment with a series of four new smart-home consumer products aimed at savvy home owners.The new products are:-

1.CBELL Unique Wi-Fiw  Video Doorbell which calls the owner’s phone when the doorbell is pressed.
2.SECURE State-of-the-art truly wireless and app-enabled security system which secures the home against unwanted intrusions as well safety hazards such as gas leakage, fires, etc.
3. LUMOS Enables easy retrofit light automation using existing conventional switches.

4.zPLY Innovative digital music zoning system that streams and plays centrally-stored music anywhere within the home.
Silvan Innovation Labs has raised Rs 6 crore of equity funding from Clean-tech fund Infuse Ventures.Launched in 2008, Silvan Innovation Labs has so far raised a total of Rs 13.5 crore funding.