Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tech #Startups showcase #SaaS solutions built on #microsoftazure public cloud platform

Microsoft in an event in Bangalore yesterday showcased some marquee SaaS solutions for enterprises and organizations, developed by born-in-the-cloud startups. The solutions range from technologies for offering better customer experiences, building intelligent infrastructure through cloud, local market on chat and talent management platform. All these SaaS solutions have been built on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform allowing these startups to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer preferences, hardware evolutions and to manage hyper business growth. Indian datacenters provide local customers with data residency and replication in multiple regions for backup and recovery, and the option of a private connection to the cloud.Microsoft BizSpark Plus program offers free Azure Cloud services to qualified startups to power their business.

Startups like Ameyo offers an omni-channel platform to streamline customer interaction across all conduits of communication; Vymo, an app for enterprise sales or service teams focusing on schedules, routes, alerts and recommendations that are actionable; FlamencoTech, a cloud-solution provider that creates its own services layer customisation; QUSTN (Capabiliti), a mobile-first talent management platform; and Yellow Messenger, a universal messaging platform, were the five startups that displayed their cloud-based SaaS solutions.