Friday, July 8, 2016

India’s first crowdfunded electric bike goes on sale

Coimbatore based jute machinery technocrat Manikandan is launching India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike - SPERO.  This 38-year old, with a MBA to his credit has been working on this project for 3 yrs and is now all set to launch 3 models of his electric bike in India. Manikandan is trying to raise funds for his innovation on – the Bengaluru- based crowdfunding platform, that curates and presents unique ideas and projects of this kind. Besides just funding this project, the funders even have an option of buying the e-bike through

Spero (ebike) has already raised INR 9.5 Lakhs which is currently the highest funded campaign on the platform.

Spero is made with a judicious mix of locally sourced materials and local ingenuity, & key imported components – The battery comes from Samsung, the motor and tyres come from partners in Korea.

Key features:
·         Fantastic range: 30 KM on a single charge (60 KM & 100 KM models also available!)
·         Great pickup: 0-25 kmph in 10 seconds flat!
·         Rechargeable battery: Battery can also be charged while pedalling!
·         Flexible modes: 5 gears in the electric mode
·         Battery: 48V Li-ion battery with a 1-year warranty and charges from 20 to 80% in 4 hours
·         Charging: From a regular 5amp socket like your Smartphone! Detachable battery for ease of charging
·         Other features: Unique cruise control feature (where one can lock the maximum speed), digital display of speed and battery charge indicator etc.

The pre-order prices for the 3 models on Fueladream would be from 29,900 INR to 50,900 INR, which would be 40% lower than their market price.