Thursday, October 20, 2016

@JSWCement to ramp up manufacturing capacity to 17 MMT. annually from current 6.8 MMT. by 2018, said @ParthJindal11

JSW Cement is India's largest manufacturer of 'Portland Slag Cement (PSC)' variant of blended cement which is environmentally friendly and economically viable. JSW Cement currently has a manufacturing capacity of 6.80 MMT.

JSW Cement has recently launched Concreel HD -One Cement Six Strengths.Concreel HD is ideal for strength bearing applications such as beams, columns, slabs and foundations. Parth Jindal, MD- JSW Cement Ltd said,”JSW Cement has come a long way right from its inception till date. Exploring opportunities and expanding its market size, today, we are proud to be introducing this product to the south market which is a highly opportunistic region for us to step up our growth. With this investment, we hope to achieve another milestone to the progress of JSW Cement in the cement industry.”