Sunday, April 23, 2017

Now pick quality stocks with @marketsmithind app

Developed by investor William O’Neil MarketSmith India Performance Index app is based on CAN SLIM methodology.CAN SLIM is a techno-fundamental strategy that helps pick quality stocks. This strategy focuses on companies that show acceleration in earnings because of innovation and suggests buying them before the stock price witnesses a major spike,” says Anupam Singhi, Chief Operating Officer, William O’Neil India (see graphic). For investors who cannot hold stocks for an extended period—more than five years—techno-fundamental strategy promises potentially better returns.

Anupam Singhi, Chief Operating Officer, William O’Neil India said, “MarketSmith India empowers the investors with knowledge enabling them to make better profits in uptrends and protect their capital during downtrends. It facilitates strengths and weaknesses of Indian stocks based on data-backed research almost instantaneously. The App works on a growth-oriented research methodology based on last 50-years of experience and delivers pattern recognition, stock reports, market commentary apart from offering a model portfolio to the subscribers.”

Since its inception three years ago, MarketSmith India Performance Index, part of William O’Neil India, has been growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22%. The Nifty has grown by about 11% during the same period.