Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Demand for Kannada in banking activities #NammaBankuKannadaBeku

Bengaluru: As the debate over the use of Hindi in Namma Metro rages on, the demand for use Kannada in banks is now gaining momentum. Kanada language proponents have now launched a new twitter campaign to with the Hashtag #NammaBankuKannadaBeku. Ramachandra M wrote on twitter "By not serving Kannadigas in their language, the banks have made a literate kannadiga to look for help from other." Srivatsa wrote Why deny people banking services in their own language & in their own state? This must be implemented.

Despite repeated requests by karnataka state government none of the nationalised banks so far have not implemented the compulsory ‘Tribasha Sutra’ (three-language policy) while preparing challans, passbooks, loan applications, account opening forms, fixed deposit certificates, etc.
During the State-Level Bankers Committee meeting earlier Chief Minister Siddaramaiah urged nationalised banks and local banks to conduct day-to-day business in Kannada. Facilities provided by nationalised banks and local banks were not reaching the rural masses because of the language problem. The use of Kannada in day-to-day banking activities will generate employment opportunities for persons knowing Kannada in the banking sector.