Saturday, September 16, 2017

MarcaTel plans public #WiFi #hotspots via #Franchisee Network

MarcaTel, a division of LaMarca Knowledge and Services Pvt. Ltd. has a tie-up with Bluetown India (a wholly subsidiary of Denmark based Bluetown ApS, working in the field of WiFi technology) to provide complete end-to-end solution for WiFi data connectivity across the country.

According to Narayanan Rajagopalan, President and Chief Executive Officer, MarcaTel a person can be an owner of a Wi-Fi tower with an investment of Rs.6 lakh. The company will put up the mast, manage it and provide the broadband, which the franchisee can price according to their needs. “It is like a Cafe Coffee Day model. The franchisee can keep 50 per cent of the revenue generated,” he added.
The solution comes with three antennas, a base transceiver station and a power supply unit. “We understand power issues in the country; the tower comes with a 650V inverter (14-15 hour backup), enough to tide over shortages.”
Also, MarcaTel operates on a free band, which does not need government licence or local civic bodies permission for installation and operation, factors which have been deterrents in the past. Rajagopalan does a back-of-the-envelope calculations and says if a tower has 300 customers with an average revenue per user of Rs.500, a franchisee can earn Rs.1,50,000.