Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#Glenmark launches female hair gain tablet @NOURKRIN in India

Bengaluru: Nourkrin® Woman contains Marilex®, a unique and proprietary scientific formula, rich in specific proteoglycans (PG) essential for hair follicle development, which helps in normalizing, supporting and maintaining the Hair Growth Cycle. Nourkrin® Woman is a proven formula, based on more than 56 scientific studies and is recognized by leading regulatory agencies globally. Nourkrin® is the number one product in UK and Europe for hair loss management and is available in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Sujesh Vasudevan, President and Head – India, Middle East and Africa, Glenmark said, “Glenmark is proud to launch Nourkrin® Woman in India. Glenmark has been present in the field of Dermatology for over 4 decades bringing globally advanced therapies to Indian patients. The launch of Nourkrin® will enable millions of women in India manage hair loss not by just preventing hair loss but by normalizing the hair growth cycle and tackling the problem at the follicular level.”

Rajesh Kapur, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Glenmark said, “It is alarming to note that 60% women experience hair loss at some stage in their lives and in India there are more than 90 million women reported to have hair loss. With male and female hair loss patterns being different, Nourkrin® Woman is the first and exclusive product focusing on female hair loss problem through proteoglycan replacement.”