Thursday, February 15, 2018

.@ZeOmega opens new sister company EldriCare in #Bengaluru India

ZeOmega® provider of population health management (PHM) solutions in the United States, announced today the opening of its new sister company—EldriCare™. Based in Bangalore and servicing all of India, EldriCare creates and coordinates personalized care plans that help improve outcomes and lower costs for the most complex populations suffering from high burden of disease. With the goal of enhancing people’s lives by effectively engaging them to improve their own health, Eldricare will facilitate follow-up care programmes using multi-channel engagement campaigns that connect with patients via telephone, mail, text, web chat, and/or interactive voice recognition outreach.
“Looking at the current, Indian-healthcare scenario, there is a need for advanced healthcare technologies that can manage the requirements of the country,” says Anand Kumar Tiwari, Senior Director-Product Management for ZeOmega. “Having worked in global markets for a long time, we realized that the projects that have helped global markets to grow and streamline their healthcare services could also be brought to India’s market. With EldriCare, we aim to empower patients to improve their health and well-being. And by doing so, we hope to become India’s leading total PHM service provider.”