Thursday, December 19, 2013

DuPont ™ Ferterra® insect control a revolutionary insecticide among farmers

Paddy grower Mr Rudresh N S recently demonstrated on his 16 acres field how good use of high-quality and highly effective insect control can make a difference to the yield of his crops. By comparing a nearby field which was not treated with DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control, Rudresh demonstrated that his productivity was higher and yield was bigger compared to the non-Ferterra® field. Large number of farmers who gathered to celebrate Harvest Day lauded the contribution of Ferterra® in increasing yield.

Davangere plays a major role in Karnataka’s paddy cultivation contributing over 5512 kilogram per hectare towards the state economy. DuPont India organized Harvest Day for farmers to demonstrate how effective crop protection solutions are for crops, who have used Ferterra® in their fields at quarterly intervals. In Southern India this activity takes place twice a year which is post Kharif and Rabi season.

“The Harvest Day activity involves two crop plots being demarcated as treated and untreated. The farmer selects one sq m of Ferterra® treated field and the same procedure is carried out for the untreated field. They further cut the selected plants and count the number of tillers. The selected plants are thrashed and the grains are collected in different transparent vessels, weigh them with an electric weighing machine to calculate the exact difference,” said Mr Ram K Mudholkar, South Asia Director of DuPont’s Crop Protection business, adding that this is an extremely credible and transparent method of demonstrating the efficacy of the product.

“In India we launched DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control to help farmers realize the true potential of their fields by protecting their rice crops against damage from stem borer. The introduction of this insect control is aimed at improving rice productivity for better food security,” added Mr Mudholkar.

Mr Rudresh, whose field has been chosen for the Harvest Day said, “Before using Ferterra® I used to produce 35 bags of 75 kgs of rice per acre. After using this product now I have higher productivity recorded to the previous year. Activities such as harvest day help our community to know how using products like Ferterra® can help broaden the yields which is very practical and trustworthy procedure to understand the functioning of the products.”

DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control, powered by Rynaxypyr® active ingredient, has been launched in India to cater to the requirements of Indian growers. Ferterra® is a low-dose, highly effective insect control that provides complete control of yellow stem borer and rice leaf folder for a longer duration. The rice-growing farmers generally spread various chemicals to control different pests damaging the crop. With the broad spectrum of insects controlled by Ferterra®, growers can enjoy the convenience and ease of a single application at 20 to 30 days after transplanting of rice.

DuPont, a world leading Science Company, having worked with millions of farmers in the state and outside, says it is committed to ensure that Karnataka continues its handsome contribution in rice yields in India.

Mr Mudholkar explained, “Ferterra® is a unique solution which helps farmers to achieve higher yields and productivity.  Ferterra® delivers revolution in each rice granule. Its ability to stay in the plant system for long safeguards the crop from the stem borer attack resulting in a strongly entrenched crop with more number of tillers. With that, Ferterra® has helped lacs of farmers across the country realize their potential for higher marketable yield”.