Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PM Modi called for Water Conservation and Blue Revolution

Addressing the agricultural scientific community on the 86th Foundation Day of ICAR, in  Delhi today, the Prime Minister called upon the audience to give a "standing ovation" to the millions of Indian farmers, who, he said, have played a huge role in changing India's fortunes.

Prime Minister said the work of ICAR should have two mantras: "Kam zameen, kam samay, zyaada upaj"and "per drop, more crop.” To meet the challenge of "lab to land" – taking scientific research to successful interventions – the Prime Minister exhorted agricultural colleges to start radio stations.The Prime Minister also called for a blue revolution that would extend the benefits of scientific research to the fisheries sector. He also called for greater research and promotion of coastal seaweed, and Himalayan herbal medicinal plants.

Shri Narendra Modi asked the scientists to elaborate upon their research in simple term so that it could be understood by the farmers, and they could be convinced to try out new products and initiatives.