Tuesday, July 29, 2014

After #Google Glass, #Lenovo launches smart glasses

After Google Glass, Lenovo launches smart glasses
Lenovo recently unveiled New Business Development (NBD), a new internet-centric business platform in China aimed at startups. The first wave of innovative smart devices under NBD has also been launched, namely the new glass smart glasses.
new glass – There are two smart glasses designed for two different types of customers in China. The first one, M100, is designed for industry users in collaboration with Vuzix Company, a US-based company. The new M100 glasses fulfill the needs of industry such as machinery, logistics and medical segment clients through more functional solutions.  The other smart glasses “new glass” is specially designed for Chinese consumers in collaboration with Ceyes Company.  Both of the new smart glasses run Chinese operating systems and are adapted to the internet environment in China.

The NBD platform provides a vehicle where partner startups can leverage Lenovo’s resources such as software, hardware, sales channels and services utilizing their own innovative technologies and leading-edge concepts in product development. This collaboration is an example of a win-win outcome from sharing resources and can drive the development of more powerful smart devices for customers.  

“We have always said innovation will differentiate Lenovo.  We continue to drive innovation both in terms of our own product development and in terms of sparking it with interesting partners.  We think we bring something unique to the table – a proven track record in innovation, a strong presence in the China market, great relationships with channels there.  It is natural for us to try to leverage these advantages to bring new technologies to market.  This will drive growth.  NBD represents our approach to attacking this opportunity,” said Peter Hortensius, Chief Technology Officer of Lenovo.”