Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Manipal Hospitals introduces ’Transvaginal Donor Nephrectomy’ in #Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals introduces ’Transvaginal Donor Nephrectomy’ in #Bangalore
Manipal Hospitals Bangalore Introduces Next Generation of Kidney Donation in Karnataka. This innovation in medical procedure brings about the next generation of kidney transplant processes.
Traditionally kidney retrieval for transplant is done by a long incision in the upper part of the abdomen. Such an operation requires a prolonged period of convalescence for the donor with significant pain and discomfort in the recovery period. Also in many, the abdominal scar would be ugly and a source of nuisance for years to come. In order to improvise the results for organ retrieval, laparoscopic donor nephrectomy was developed to reduce the discomforts.
 “In order to further reduce the pain associated with kidney transplantation, key hole surgery is a new technique that has been developed in very few centers around the world. This involves kidney extraction through the vagina. Vagina does not have pain receptors making this process a hassle free one. It’s almost like having a baby delivered. Since the kidney is extracted through the vagina, there is no cut made on the abdomen and hence the patient has a very speedy recovery with almost no pain,” said Dr. Deepak Dubey Consultant in Urology & Renal Transplant Manipal Hospitals.
 Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal Medical Director & Chairman – Medical Advisory Board, Manipal Health Enterprises said, “In the modern age-, safe painless scarless or minimal scar surgery and early post op recovery is the goal we try to achieve. The progression in medical technologies as harnessed and pioneered by Manipal Hospitals endeavors to give the best clinical service to our patrons. This form of surgery has hardly been tried in India and gives a new dimension to minimally invasive kidney donation.”