Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ranjit Kohli alias Rakibul Hussain arrested for torturing National shooter Tara Sahdev

Ranjit Singh Kohli, alias Raqibul Hassan, the husband of national shooter Tara Sahdev, was arrested by a joint team of Delhi and Ranchi police from the Delhi-Ghaziabad border on late Tuesday night.

The alleged torture of national gold-medal-winning woman shooter Tara Sahdev had prompted Hindu organisations to call for a shutdown in Ranchi on Monday.

"It is a case of forcibly convert her to Islam by a man who married her while concealing his Muslim identity and we demand CBI probe into the entire episode,” Ranchi BJP legislator C.P. Singh told reporters.

Sahdev alleged that her husband Rakibul Hussain and 20 other people forced her to change her religion. When she refused, she was allegedly beaten up and a dog was made to bite her.

In her police complaint, Sahdeo said she got married in June to a person named Ranjit Kohli. She said the marriage was solemnised as per Hindu rituals.However, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when people invited her husband for iftar, she came to know that her husband’s name was Rakibul Hussain after it was written on the invitation card.
The police has also arrested for Ranjit's mother Kaushal Rani after obtaining a court warrant.