Friday, September 26, 2014

Govt of #Karnataka wants Public Private Partnership in health care services;Principal Secretary Infra Dev.

Government of Karnataka is keen to involve private sector in enhancing delivery of healthcare services in the state said, Vandita Sharma, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department, Govt of Karnataka. Mrs. Sharma was addressing delegates to a Summit on  “Sustainable Solutions for Healthcare Sector through Public Private Partnership” organized by ASSOCHAM.
Responding to some of the concerns raised by delegates Mrs. Sharma said that efforts were being made to improve drafting of RFPs (Requests for Proposal) and lay out transparent criteria for selection of private partners. She further said that the Government was open to dovetail the healthcare initiatives with CSR initiatives of private sector.
Mrs Sharma expressed hope that the Draft PPP Policy of Government of India would be finalized soon and would serve as benchmark for states to follow. Various speakers at the Summit emphasized upon the need for adopting innovative tools to improve healthcare delivery systems.