Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New furniture shopping app from Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder today announced the launch of ‘Living Spaces’ - a one of its kind app in the online furniture segment. Living Spaces is a world class augmented reality app and a unique initiative to tie in Urban Ladder’s long term vision of providing best in class customer experience by integrating technology.

The Living Spaces app lets users virtually place multiple options of UL sofas in their living space by using augmented reality.  Users can place life size models of UL sofas to visualize their entire living room and select multiple colour and seating options without having to involve any physical furniture. The next version of the app will have additional notable features such as pulling in a silhouette and ambient lighting.

The app is conceptualized by the Urban Ladder team and developed in collaboration with Whodat and House of Blue Beans, both Bangalore based tech startups. The user experience is designed after in-depth research on sofa buying patterns so that the flow of the app is seamless. The app aims at making the interactions natural and the sofa design takes into account imperfections of the real world like wrinkled cushions and fabric folding at the edges. All these details make the user experience real and help solve several customer pain points.

Urban Ladder had earlier introduced another innovative initiative called ‘Trial Room’ where one can experience different models of UL sofas in the comfort of their home. Speaking about the launch of Living Spaces app, Rajiv Srivatsa, COO & Co-Founder, Urban Ladder said, “Over the last year sofas have emerged as one of our best-selling categories. This confirms a strong demand for the category and the potential for it to grow. Initiatives such as Trial Room, and now the Living Spaces app aim at converting the apprehensive shopper into a confident and content one”.

Living Spaces is the second app to be launched in the UL Labs series after ‘Urban Storage’ which focuses on wardrobes. ‘UL Labs’ is a collaborative outreach effort where teams from Urban Ladder will work with digital start-ups across the world to come up with pioneering solutions in various aspects of furniture buying.

UL Living Spaces would be available in Android and iOS App stores from today and can be downloaded on mobiles and tablets.