Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dr. Angeli Qwatra trains #Mumbai Police

The workshop was organised with the aim to make Police personnel more prepared for sudden emergency situations, which they are most likely to encounter in line of duty as police is the first responder to any emergency.

Dr. Angeli Qwatra emphasizing the dire need of these workshops said, “With the aim of saving lives, Philanthrope conducts free-of-cost workshops for training on Safety Preparedness and Emergency Management with government and private organizations which are on the frontline in encountering with such emergency situations. If people are trained in emergency management, lives lost and injuries caused due to natural and man-made disasters and daily life accidents and sudden illnesses can be prevented and/or reduced as also effectively managed till professional medical and other assistance reaches the victims. Studies have shown that when at least 30% of the population is trained in disaster preparedness, the chances of survival of victim increase considerably.”