Wednesday, February 4, 2015

IHMR Bangalore organizes Cancer awareness program in Electronic City

IHMR Bangalore conducted a Cancer awareness drive in Bangalore to create awareness of the significance of the world cancer day and its efforts to manage cancer. 

The most common cancer cases reported among Indian men include Lip/Oral cavity  (53,842), Lung  (53, 728), Stomach  (43, 386), Colorectal  (36, 917), Pharynx  (31, 735) (Source: PBCR, Bangalore) and in women, the most common ones are cancer of Breast (144, 937), Cervix/Uteri – (122, 844), Colorectal  (27, 415), Ovary  (26, 834) and Oral  (23, 161) (Source: India Cancer Profile 2014, WHO).

As per International Agency for research on Cancer nearly1 million new cancer cases are reported each year contributing to 7.8% of the global cancer burden and the mortality summing up to 8.33% of global cancer deaths. According to GATS WHO survey India contributes to 13. 86% of global ORAL CANCER (14% population smokes tobacco and 25.9% are chewing tobacco)

With changing patterns in lifestyle, there is also an increase in the types of cancers rising. Of all risk factors of cancers, the most attributing are life style factors include Tobacco (14.7%), Alcohol (4.3%), and Physical inactivity (12.1%), Obesity (4.7%), etc.