Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Workshop on Ethical #Hacking at BMS College of Engineering

Workshop saw participation from over 130 computer-enthusiasts from various colleges across Bangalore.Dr Mallikharjuna Babu K, Principal, BMSCE, said that, “Cyber security is increasingly becoming more and more important in today’s world. This is an important focus area to look out for as the students need to acquire the necessary skills to outsmart the unethical practices across the cyber-world, thus ensuring cyber security for any organization or individual that they might work with in the near future. Acquiring these skills also opens up opportunities in IT and other firms which revolve around securing confidential and important data.”

The participants at the workshop were completely engrossed throughout the 16-hour journey into the world of Ethical Hacking led by the pioneer himself. They were taken through areas such as Google hacking, Email hacking, Cyber Law, Network hacking, Wireless hacking, Cyber Crime and so on