Thursday, June 11, 2015

A new pathway to study at #Ivy League American Universities

American Honors has launched a 2+2 pathway program in India to help students from India with motivation enter into community colleges with a pathway to leading US universities and pursue degree program of their choice.

Indian students looking to earn a degree from a US college can now avail of the 2+2 programme provided by the American Honours Network informed Dr. David Finegold, Chief Academic Officer of American Honors while addressing a press conference in Bangalore recently.

Dr. David Finegold, Chief Academic Officer of American Honors, said,  “With rapidly growing demand for graduates, it is important to produce students who have had a high quality education in fast emerging areas. However, many students miss out on the opportunity as they are unable to get into top US universities on their own and/or lack the financial resources to attend. We offer a new program that provides a better and more affordable path to help each student find and succeed at the best fit college for them.”

Students without English Language Proficiency scores can be awarded Conditional Admission, with simple demonstration of English Proficiency to be accepted, without any SAT. For those eligible with a high school degree and competitive GPA, students can be considered for scholarships of up to USD 4000. The process is simple, complete an American Honors Application and submit a supplemental essay detailing why a scholarship would be particularly beneficial to you in pursuing your education.