Friday, September 25, 2015

Long-term, chronic conditions like heart failure, cancer, dementia take 70 percent of the healthcare cost

According to one estimate by 2021, over 143 million population in the country will be above 60 years of age; close to 16 million households will fall in the category of high-income (annual income more than Rs 5,00,000); towns with million plus population will increase from 35 to 65; heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer will show a combined average decadal growth of 47 per cent; health insurance market will grow at an average 42 per cent CAGR.

Philips has embarked to apply mobile, digital and cloud technologies to improve patient outcomes through care coordination and patient empowerment across the health continuum, from wellness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management in the hospital and further extending this to the home or primary care centers for chronic disease patients. Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) in Bangalore has deployed several such solutions (like Mobile Obstetrical Monitoring, Android based mobile application called  Mobility Sanjivini) to improve the technology adoption in the preventive healthcare segment.