Saturday, September 5, 2015

Married men and working women most likely to commit #suicide

The 26-year-old Isha Handa,marketing executive of a high-end salon and spa, who jumped to her death from an apartment complex in HSR Layout in Bangalore on Sunday, had searched online for ways to kill herself.Police suspect a love affair to be the reason for her death.An in-depth analysis by, a leading professional counseling company for corporates on a sample size of 51,300 employees revealed that suicidal tendencies are highest amongst individuals between the age group of 20 and 34. In this age group suicidal tendencies are predominantly attributed to issues related to marriage and relationships followed by individual factors and work related complications.The report states that 1700 people had suicidal thoughts stemming from marital and relationship issues followed by individual factors and work related issues.Suicide is most prevalent among individuals (specially working women)aged between 20 – 34 as per the findings of

According to latest data by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), close to 60,000 married men committed suicide in 2014 as compared to 27,000 married women. However, 1,400 widowers ended their lives compared to 1,300 widows. Similarly, around 550 divorced men committed suicide as compared to 410 divorced women.

The data show, overall 66% of all suicides were committed by married people. Only 21% of those who committed suicide were unmarried, while widows/widowers and divorced people made up for less than 3% of all suicides.