Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Nepal wants #China to hasten the re-opening of two border crossings

A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Nepal had asked China to hasten the re-opening of the two border crossings closed since the earthquakes struck.
 Earlier CPN-UML Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal appealed to India and all concerned to end transportation blockade on border areas to maintain the supply of goods in Nepal.
"Obstruction in transportation of goods and people during festive season has added to the difficulties of Nepalese people. As per the transit rights of a sovereign country, the supply arrangements should continue without any obstruction," said Nepal at a program organized by the party's publicity department. "We expect friendly and cordial gestures from our neighboring countries and friends," he added.

Hundreds of trucks loaded with essential goods, cooking gas cylinders and petroleum products were stalled at the Nepal-India border at Birgunj due to the agitation.

The protesters belonging to the Joint Madhesi Front were opposing the provision in the new constitution that divides the country into seven federal provinces.

The blocked checkpoint in Birgunj which lies 200km south of the capital, serves as a major transit point between Nepal and India.