Wednesday, October 14, 2015

80,000 jobs created by Tech #startups in FY 2015, says #Nasscom

According to the NASSCOM-Zinov report on Indian technology start-ups  the sector has created a whopping 80,000 jobs in the country in 2014-15.With 100 per cent growth in number of private equity, venture capitalists, angel investors along with a 125 per cent growth in funding over last year, Indian start-up ecosystem has risen to the next level. The total funding in the India based start-ups is estimated to be nearly $5 billion by 2015. Various central and state government start-up initiatives are further supporting this progressive phase of start-ups in India.

Key highlights of the report:-
·         India is the youngest start-up nation in the world- 72% of the founders are less than 35 years old
·         More than 50% of the 1200 startups focus on ecom, consumer services and aggregators
·         9% female founders and co-founders in startup ecosystem
·         Number of accelerators grew by 40% from ~80 in 2014 to ~110 in 2015
·         Total Funding in 2015, growth of ~125% over 2014
·         Number of PE/VCs investment grown by 100% over 2014
·         80,000 jobs created by startups