Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#KCR's daughter & MP Nizamabad @RaoKavitha defends 200% pay hike for Telangana MLAs brazenly

The lawmakers in Telangana want for more than three-fold or 200% increase in their salaries to Rs 3 lakh per month from Rs 95,000 per month.

Since Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh in June 2014, more than 2000 farmers have committed suicide mainly due to loan burden and drought.

In December last year  Chief Minister K Chadrasekhar Rao reportedly spent seven crores to hold a huge religious ceremony to pray for the benevolence from the rain Gods.

Kavitha Kalvakuntla MP from TRS and the daughter and TRS founder and president K Chandrasekhar Rao justified the pay hike in a TV interview by invoking similar pay hikes for MLAs in Punjab and Delhi. She also accused media of targeting non BJP regional parties.