Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mrs India @shilpareddy217 flagged off ‘Glaucoma Awareness Walk’ in #Hyderabad today

Currently, in India, every 8th individual or nearly 40 million aged 40 years or older either has glaucoma or is at risk of developing the disease. 11.2 million Indians suffer from the disease with 1.1 million blind, including children. Glaucoma more commonly affects people beyond the age of 40 years. High myopes, diabetics and those with a positive family history have higher risk of developing glaucoma. Screening family members of patients with glaucoma is mandatory, as this disease can affect siblings and children of patients with glaucoma in up to 10‐20% of cases.

61 million persons worldwide have glaucoma and that is expected to rise to almost 80 million by the year 2020. Blindness from glaucoma is 80% preventable, yet almost 7 million people are blind from glaucoma in the world, and 2/3 of the world's blind and visually impaired are women. Ninety percent of Glaucoma in the country is undetected, mostly due to lack of awareness.
‘Glaucoma Awareness Walk’ was organised by L. V. Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) on Sunday at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad