Monday, May 23, 2016

First made in India space shuttle RLV-TD launched successfully by @isro

ndian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully test launched the first 'Made in India' space shuttle called the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV).The test launch of the 6.5 metre long and 1.75 ton reusable launch vehicle ( RLV-TD ) is especially important because in 2011, the U.S.'s Nasa abandoned its resuable space shuttle project.

A seven-meter rocket with a booster, weighing 17 tons, including nine tons of solid propellants (fuel) with the aircraft-shaped RLV was used as a flying test bed to evaluate technologies the space agency developed to reduce the cost of launching satellites into the Earth's polar and geo-stationary orbits.

The mission has enabled ISRO to collect data on hypersonic speed, autonomous landing and powered cruise flight using air-breathing propulsion.Indian government has invested Rs 95 crores in the RLV-TD project.