Monday, December 19, 2016

India's first #superhero graphic novel @DmanSuperhero written by @whereisjoelle released in #B'luru

D-Man is a superhero kid, who tries to save the universe from the evil character - Dark soul. D-Man is Deepu, an ordinary boy who is given extraordinary powers and is therefore the ‘chosen one’. Deepu is a troublemaker and mischievous kid who is intelligent, impressively logical, gaming enthusiast and always questioning. Although a fussy eater, a back bencher and careless about school work, he is ever curious to know new facts. However, on the other hand, D-Man is well behaved, highly disciplined and benevolent in nature, one who is responsible about his diet and good habits, because he needs those things to reactivate his super powers.

California based author Joelle Sellner had previously authored comic books such as Teen Titans, Jackie Chan Adventures, Shin Chan, Secret Saturdays, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes for Marvel Entertainment and Ben 10. She has written for IDW, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment and Lion Forge. Her branded entertainment work includes a video game for Starwood Hotels, the animated series Zevo-3 for Skechers Entertainment, and Monster High webisodes for Mattel.

Talking about her new project, D-Man, Joelle Sellner, said, “The concept is really interesting and I am thoroughly excited about the project. I am glad to be author of D-Man, the first Indian superhero. Also, having to work with INAMI Media to make this character a reality through the upcoming TV Series”. She added that “The story revolves around how D-Man along with his super hero friends saves the planet and mankind, from the wrath of Dark Soul”.