Monday, January 23, 2017

.@SalesSimpliance launches Indian Labour law compliant #ERP tool

The SAAS-based, plug-and-play software can be deployed for labour compliance management across shops, establishments, factories and enterprises in the country.

“Labour compliance industry in India is currently pegged at INR 600 crores,” says Anil D’Souza, founder of Simpliance. “Labour law compliance in India is beset with complications unlike financial or other industry regulations, which already have players with designed systems for governance and course correction,” he added.

Simpliance has also inked deals with large Indian Corporates for implementing enterprise-wide compliance across their pan-India branches. The company is working towards a goal of 10,000 licenses that will bring in more companies in India under the compliance ambit by 2016-17. It is also set to expand into overseas markets including Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore by 2016-18.