Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Screening of 10 short films on #MahilaSamakhya or #WomenEmpowerment progamme in #Bihar and #Karnataka by @CbpsBlr

The films are part of a larger research study conducted by CBPS with fund support from IDRC, Canada: “Together We Can: Assessing the Impact of Women's Action Groups on Social Change in India”. The three-year study on Mahila Samakhya evaluated the programme's impact on women's economic empowerment in two Indian states: Bihar and Karnataka.

The Mahila Samakhya programme is one of the world's largest government programmes to empower women. The programme focuses on education and collective action for women's equality. More than 1.2 million poor women from 45,000 villages in 11 Indian states were part of this programme.
The short films showcase the lived realities of these women and the transformation experienced through the programme. Some of the clips focus on themes of political participation of women, creation of Nari Adalat (women’s court) and health awareness while other clips are narratives of women breaking stereotypes by questioning gender norms and power structures.