Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Real Estate Management program launch at #Bengaluru

Midtown Structures today launched the Real Estate Management program for graduates and post graduates at Indian Academy Group of Institutions, Bangalore. The program was launched by Mr. Shyam Kumar Mareddy, Managing Partner, Midtown Structures and Dr. Somsekhar, Chairman, Indian Academy. The complete program is sponsored by Midtown Structures as part of their CSR initiative under the Skill Development Programs designed by CEE for Midtown Structures.

The program is certified by Indian Academy, where interested students can enroll into the 12 weeks real estate skill development program. The program starts from 1st December 2014 with classes every weekend. Students successfully completing the program will get a work internship from Midtown Structures.

Midtown Structures with the support of Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE) has developed the entire curriculum for the program. With the ideology to create employ ability opportunities for students in various educational institutions in Bangalore CEE is bringing together industry bodies, educational institutes and segment leaders under one roof. CEE is a platform to enable and empower the next generation of employ ability and entrepreneurs. The skill development program will help to create professionals with core expertise at the college level itself so there is higher chance of employ ability.

Mr. Shyam Kumar Mareddy, Managing Partner, Midtown Structures said,"People looking for a career in real estate finally have a chance to gain formal knowledge in the field and explore there opportunities. This program will helps us ensure that home buyers are given consistent, quality service that adheres to the highest ethics in the industry.”